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Since I can remember my family did travel around Europe and those experiences still form some of the best memories I have.  Travelling used to be something special, where you returned home and told your friends about, stored memories in photo albums and in your collections of “things” from those countries.  Meaningful to oneself foremost – Interesting to see for others!  Travelling became something normal and in this fast paced world everyone travels and posts all the time. Unfortunately those special moments are no longer special! Well, not for a long time! Since we are bombarded with travel snapshots on so many social media sites, we are just consuming them, “liking” them for a brief moment, but not for eternity, like it used to be.

My travel blog here is mostly for myself and for sharing it with my friends.  For myself, because there is no longer those precious photo albums, of which I still have many.  For my friends, because I keep getting hammered with questions about this and that experience for a certain country and I got tired of re-typing the same list of what to see and what to do in a certain place.

On here I focus on Asian travel only.  (Old content, posted with MS Frontpage, is still up and alive but will not be maintained anymore, nor do the links for contacting me work any longer.  I will still keep some information linked here, like our extensive website which lists all the Thai temples we have visited over the years. To continue writing about Thai Temples we now use a seperate blog. For the time being we will also keep our information on Khmer Temples inside Thailand alive on Our travel experiences to the Khmer temples of Cambodia are hosted on

New posts and changed content for my travel blogs are listed here:

Asian Travel Blog

Asian Travel Blog

New posts and changed content to our thai temples sites are listed here:Thai Temples

Thai Temples

Thanks for continuing to visit us and for your continued interest in our activities. Due to the huge amount of SPAM comments we have now disabled the comment feature for our blog!


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