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sadly I had to get rid of my old web site which existed since the early 90s and which I had maintained regularly. It was written in the good old Microsoft Frontpage program which is no longer existing. Updating it had become real cumbersome and with a new computer and Win10 I could not even install Frontpage anymore. So we had to take the hard decision to remove all our old content and start fresh again. I will still keep some information linked here, like your extensive website which lists all the Thai temples we have visited over the years. We and many other people use it as a referrence, even though we can’t update it anymore. To continue writing about Thai Temples we now use a seperate blog. We also use a seperate blog for our travel experiences and reports of our other Asian travels, which is now hosted on For a short while we will also keep our information on Khmer Temples inside Thailand alive on, even though we can’t really update the pages or the links anymore.  Our travel experiences to the Khmer temples of Cambodia are hosted on

New posts and changed content for my travel blog My Sights And Places, are listed here:

Asian Travel Blog

Asian Travel Blog

New posts and changed content to our thai temples sites are listed here:Thai Temples

Thai Templesthanks for continuing to visit us and for your continued interest in our activities.